, an easy free site that you can go to and simply play 2D multiplayer games with lots of other people. Play tower defense, asteroids, ice bumper cars, and much more for free in your browser.

"Hello world, Duncan here.
I want to tell you about an idea.
Well, it's more than an idea. It's revolutionary.
So extraodinarily revolutionary, it's scary.
You've all played asteroids right? Of course, what normal person hasn't.
A little Tower Defense, maybe?
I'm pretty sure you haven't had a reason to play bumper cars in awhile.
Those games are fun, no doubt, but when Multi2D comes into the mix, they get even better.
Play Asteroids... with friends! Enemies, frenemies, people you've never even met, it doesn't matter. Beat em all!
Tower defense, try playing THAT with more than one person.
There's a whole slew of games to be had, but we need your help.
Go to, get connected, tell your friends, help the kickstarter.
See this project become as real as casper wished he could be, poor little ghost.
Well, that's it for me. Thanks world, Duncan out."

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