A collection of Digital asets (available on orbolt) to easily create:
- footprint depth maps
- a post compositing process to accumulate ridge and depression maps
- a basic (adaptive subdividing) deformer to pre-vis footprint depth and ridges
- a basic displacement shader matching the deformer, but at a higher quality

The technique uses matrices stored internally in the shadow maps texture headers to align them in world space, this means you don't need to UV the ground Geometry.

This method avoids the pitfalls of creating footprints via high resolution meshes with DOPS/SOPs as techniques like these usually result in high poly counts to get a nice result,

Also because this is a rendetrime capture of the feet & ground objects high resolution maps can capture tiny details, even those produced by displacement shaders on the feet/ground or by procedural primitives (particles/fur) or rib boxes that SOP/Geometry methods would never be able to capture

Note: due to apprentice limitations with render resolution, the apprentice version can't be used to generate high quality maps over the 512 resolution:

Digital asset links below:

Footprint Map Generator: orbolt.com/asset/milo::footprintMapGenerator
Footprint Deformer: orbolt.com/asset/milo::footprintDeformer
Footprint Displacement: orbolt.com/asset/milo::footprintDisplacement

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