Ty Clark and Kristopher Rutherford are two Austin, TX based artists in different genres who are coming together to create a documentary film about the critically acclaimed band Seryn.

Ty is a painter and a writer. Kristopher is a filmmaker and story teller. Seryn has inspired and captivated the both of them in similar ways. The music, the story, and each of the band members have inspired them to create a piece of art sharing Seryn’s story, their creative process and the art form behind their sound.

"As a visual artist (a painter), I am "one" individual who stands before a canvas with my own thoughts and my own experiences. I am alone when I start a painting and alone when I complete a painting. I have always been intrigued by a group of musicians who can come together to create a work of art in sound. There are six musicians that make up Seryn, they are all different, all extremely creative and talented in their own musical skill sets. Kris and I want to tell the story about Seryn standing before a blank canvas as six artists, and through creative process, joys, frustrations, commonality, experience and multiple other emotions visually show how they create a brilliant canvas of sound." Ty Clark

As Seryn moves towards recording their next album, the filmmakers will capture what makes them who they are, how the music comes together in its art and brings out their individual stories. Not only will they follow this journey through visual story telling, but we will end the film with a powerful live performance of Seryn playing in a full fledged Orchestra Style Venue that will revolve around a new body of work and expand upon their current music with a few new and exciting elements. We are also more than excited that Seryn will be recording and producing an original score for the film.

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