David Goggins broke the Guinness 24-hour pull-up world record with 4030 repetitions on his third assault of the record on January 20, 2013. His first attempt was on September 27, 2012 on the Today Show. (interview with Matt Lauer, the rules for the record, and David starting his attempt in the New York City NBC studio: today.com/video/today/49193283#49193283). He completed 2588 pull-ups in 5.5 hours but had to retire due to a partially torn muscle in his forearm.

The second attempt was in Nashville, Tennessee on November 27, 2012 where he completed 3207 reps in 12 hours before retiring after suffering third-degree burns from the shear and frictional forces on his hands from the bar.
(pictures and story: crossfitbrentwoodhills.com/2012/11/28/david-goggins-review-and-update/)

The third attempt was also in Nashville where in 17 hours he completed 4030 repetitions, eclipsing the old mark of 4021. The featured video shows the first 15 minutes of the record attempt. Throughout the course of his training David, 6 feet 2 inches tall and 200 pounds (91 kg.) was using BIONX SUPERMODEL 2 (supermodel2.com). The product greatly enhanced his ability to recover form the severe stresses of training and to accelerate healing from the injuries. His ability to recover from his injuries and regain such a high-level of conditioning in such a short period (61 days between attempts one and two and 54 days between attempts two and three) is quite remarkable. BIONX SUPERMODEL 2 is the most powerful micronutritional product in the world for adapting to biological stress.

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