The race night at the Forest City Velodrome on Sat. Feb 23, 2013 saw racers come from all over Ontario, NY, CT, NJ. Racers from all categories took to the boards of the 138m track except for me. I suffered an injury a week prior and I was unable to race, so I brought out many cameras and set them up around the track. I also recorded the sound from the P/A system to capture the action as it happens.

This video shows two of the many youth races of the evening. Youth cycling is a big part of the program at the Forest City Velodrome. This video shows two 10 year old in a match sprint. It also shows the final for a 3 lap handicap race. Feb 23 was a special day for the Youth racers because it was there track championships and the guys racing in the handicap had been racing all day. On the line was a set of carbon track wheels and you will see, even a brand new ride can win.

Cameras used:
- Oregon Scientific ATC9K - Front Bike Cam
- Contour HD - Rear Bike Cam/Start Line Cam
- Contour ROAM2 - top cam (best video qualify of the bunch)
- GO PRO HD - Turn 4 cam (this one had really BAD video quality!)
- Canon 7D - roving cam (great for stills, not so much for video)

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