This was my first test with Ewa Marine VFS7 underwater housing for Sony NEX-FS700 with Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 lens. At first I wanted to use 16mm Sony's E-Mount pancake and go all AUTO (focus, exposure) but it was too small for the housing. As I was still struggling with idea to submerge my precious camera into water this was only to familiarise myself with the problems when shooting under water. The guys said that the water wasn't to clear that day and there were no additional lighting besides pool lights so I had to raise the ISO to 1600 and than used denoise filter in post. I was also shooting at 100 fps to cope with constant moving of the water.
Good first try which will I hope become even better.
More info about the shoot on my blog at
Thanks to underwater hockey team DPA pH.

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