About 4 years ago, in 2009, when amiina was a band of four, the band set out on a journey across Iceland performing in lighthouses and other unusual locations. They set off in a big van packed with instruments, accompanied by a photographer, one spouse, one newborn baby and another about to be born, and drove over rugged roads, seemingly to the end of the world, to perform music - songs that were a mix of old and new, little nocturnes in simple arrangements.
Late last year amiina decided to re-visit the Lighthouse Project, to record these 5 songs in their original arrangements, and give the music the prospect to travel out and across forever. They felt it was important to convey the intimacy of the original performances, so the songs were recorded “live” in the studio, as if at a concert.
The Lighthouse Project EP will be released on vinyl, and in a 22 page illustrated CD booklet.

This video is edited from footage collected on the lighthouse journey, accompanied by music from the upcoming release.

Footage by Bryndís Nielsen, edited by S.Sumarliðadóttir
Music: Kola (Lighthouse version)

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