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In this review of Tastefully Simple, we will look at the company, what they have to offer along with their compensation plan on what it takes to be successful in becoming a consultant.

Tastefully Simple began in 1995 by Jill Blashack Stahan in Alexandra, MN. She created this direct sales company with easy to prepare foods. Since the company began, they have moved to the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame in 2005. They offer thirty types of gourmet foods that are easy to prepare and perfect for gifts or holidays.

To get started as a consultant, it is suggested that you get a starter kit for $170. This starter kit includes samples, displays, training, catalogs, order forms, and everything you need to begin your first party. As a consultant you can earn 30% commission on retail products that are consumable. Bonuses include ways to earn getaways to dream destinations. You can also become a Sr. consultant when you have one active member making $400 per quarter. The Team Leader position is when you have three active members that are making $400 per quarter. At this level you can begin to build residual sales of earning five percent of your team sales.

This looks like a fun opportunity if you love the kitchen and love having parties. The time involved is a ten to fifteen minutes preparation time and the couple hours for the parties. The hostess can also receive ten percent rewards on sales made at the party which the company pays for. The rewards the hostess get can also pay for a starter kit to start the business.

This opportunity may work if you are dedicated to building it offline in a well populated area to continue to have parties scheduled regularly. This may also not be an opportunity if you are looking for a huge residual income. Looking to succeed in any mlm business, you need to learn duplicatable skills from a proven leader. Be sure to look at all the facts, options, compensation, and training to be successful. It is best to learn from the corporate offices and other successful consultants to help you make an opinion that is ethical.

Most get in this industry to build residual income, and you need to look a the right combination of compensation and company to take you to that level. Find a leader that uses a system that your team can follow as well. Showing that people will join you and not just a specific company like in this Tastefully Simple Review, will also display your business in a new level. Be dedicated and you can do what ever you put your mind toward. See how an attraction marketing system will teach you how to build a residual business.

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