Floating upon a delicate bed of distant murmuring humans and birds... Another spin on 14 Days – Farmland Theme on Yamaha baby grand - Merrill, OR, 2004;  solo violin overdub on Yamaha Motif XS8, San Diego, 2009. Final full mix assembly and sound design was Anders… Denver Clay

14 Days – Farmland was a 2004 two week session with Denver and Robert Ganey visiting me on a farm. A fine time was had by all. It is always a pleasure to listen to Denver play a tuned-responsive acoustic piano, a baby grand no less. Pianos and farmland go hand in hand. Sky scenes are from the Urban Sanctuary garden... Anders Tomlinson

Video filmed and edited by Anders Tomlinson. Music by Denver Clay - Pianomomento from SonicAtomics' Lava Songs. Mixed by Anders Tomlinson. Produced by Anders Tomlinson and Denver Clay.
©2013 Denver Clay and Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

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