Platform4 Rapsgade4 9000 Aalborg

22 - 27 Aug

Quase-Cinema live image workshop - Live cinema and image remix
Alexandre Rangle

Generative Visuals contra sample-based visuals and live feedback-based effects and VJ content
Sune Petersen

VJ content - The aesthetic and visual aspect of VJ
Kristian Ravn

Animation principles and design for animation and visuels
Lars Kramhøft, Steffen Lyhne and Esben Andersen

Textures in flux - How media has changed our ability to experience space
Esben Skouboe Poulsen

Arduino - Micro-controller and Arduino programming language

Introduction to and demonstration of L.A.S.E.R Tag and the framework Open Frameworks.

Light Painting - Camera techniqs and light gear

Relegalize Art - First legal mural given to this project.

LIB 28. Aug 17:00 - 05:00

Aleksi Perälä (FI)
Karsten Pflum (DK)
Jacob Schmid (DK)
Noia NiZ (DK)
Danny Kreutzfeldt (DK)
Con Ink Moniker (DK)
Buffer Underrun (DK)
Insert Name Here (DK)
YngveSin (DK)
Kiloton (DK)
Østsmadder Soundsystem (Bo Bastic + Thomas Bedsted) (DK)

CHIP.LIB 29. Aug 21:00 - 05:00

Kjeld Tolstrup (DK)
Trolle & Rosenstand (DK)
Jonas Asp (DK)
Bang Bang Club (DK)
Mega Farlig (DK)
Maskinen (DK)
Bu Bu Kitty Fuckers (DK)
Tagtool - Introduction to Tagtool and Nodekit

Movie edited by Martin Hjorth
Filmed by TScollective, Kristian Ravn and Rune
VJ Performance by Kristian Ravn
Mural by TScollective and some cool people who wanted to help out

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