Modelling Reel 2013 - Breakdown

All work on this reel was created solely by Stuart Brown.

Model 1 - BBC Merlin: The Dragon Tower:
Software Used - Softimage, Zbrush, UV Layout, After Effects.
Model Created for the Merlin Entertainments Ltd 'BBC Merlin: The Dragon Tower' attraction at Warwick Castle. Base model created in Softimage using photographic references from the television series and sample models from Shine Ltd, to match all proportions. All detailing and texturing completed in Zbrush. On completion of the approved model, UVs generated in UV Layout then reapplied to the model in Zbrush for texture map generation. Posed and Rendered in Zbrush.

Model 2 - Troll Bust
Software Used - Zbrush, After Effects.
Concept bust created using Zbrush's Dynamesh then when moving to finer detailing, more efficient mesh was regenerated using qRemesher. Model was painted and rendered in Zbrush. Rendered passes composited in After Effects.

Model 3 - Hindustan Ambassador
Software Used - Maya, Softimage, Zbrush, After Effects.
Rotoscopes were created using photographic references, then a base model was generated in Softimage using sudivision polygons. Detail elements such as the tyres were created using deform tools in Maya. Rendered in Zbrush utilising Lightcaps. Rendered passes composited in After Effects.

Model 4 - Thug Character
Software Used - Softimage, UV Layout, Zbrush, After Effects.
Base model created in Softimage, focusing on optimising topology efficient for animation. Full proportion modelling and detailing completed in Zbrush. Completed model taken to UV Layout for UV generation and imported back onto the hi-res model in Zbrush for texture map generation. On completion of character design, additional assets were modelled in softimage and imported into Zbrush to be detailed and textured. Posed and Rendered in Zbrush. Final render passes composited in After Effects.

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