Plyo Dance™. Get FIT without the SHOCK!™
Plyo Dance™, created by Fitness Expert & Kangoo Guru Mario Godiva (formerly an Official Master Trainer, International Presenter, Dealer and Official Spokesmodel for Kangoo Jumps for 8 years), is the newest, most dynamic, and contemporary fusion rebound sport shoe format created in 2013 based on science, human biomechanics, and the laws of physics. Recognizing the need for a contemporary, structured, and rhythmic Dance (not aerobics based) rebound sport shoe format, Godiva created Plyo Dance™ as an unparalleled heart pounding, leg burning, and core singeing fusion of plyometrics, core work, conditioning, and dance that will incinerate fat, increase endurance, and amplify power while being low impact, knee-friendly, and shock absorbent. Using Rebound Sport Shoes, Self Propulsion Technique™ to Air Glide™, and Recurrent Interval Training™, you'll Air Glide™ up to 10,000 times an hour to burn a maximum amount of calories in a minimal amount of time. Set to the tune of Top 40 Dance remixed music you’ll never stop smiling as you learn how to create, control, and maximize momentum with various syncopated patterns and rhythms. You'll noticeably excel in any competitive or recreational sport as well as rapidly change your body with EPOC, fast twitch fiber activation, and naturally stimulating growth hormone.

Buy your own Rebound Shoes/Kangoos starting at $179 & Kangoo Dance™/Plyo Dance™ DVD/Videos by Rebound Shoe Guru Mario Godiva by going to: LIKE US on FACEBOOK! FOLLOW US on TWITTER!

Learn the "how", "why", and "how to apply" mastering the proper Self Propulsion Technique™ of Rebound Sport Shoes from the most successful Rebound Sport Shoe trainer in the world. You'll run faster, jump higher, be more agile, and increase your proprioception and power! If you play a sport this will make you better at it & if you are a runner this will reduce your race times.

About Mario Godiva:
Mario Godiva is a Fitness Expert, Media Personality, Rebound Shoe Guru, and Beachbody Coach with over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry. Godiva has been tapped as an expert and featured in over 100 international, national, and local TV, print, and online media appearances and interviews such as CNN, Today Show, ABC Nightline, Dr. Oz, and the New York Times just to name a few. Called the "Big Boss of Bounce", "The Special Agent of Spring", and the "Hip Meister of Hop" by ABC NIGHTLINE news, Mario Godiva is the creator of Plyo Dance™, Plyo Athlete™, Plyo Air Glides™, Kangoo Dance™ and has won several awards and accolades including "Chicago's Best Workout" by The Chicago Tribune, "One of NY's six hottest workouts" by the NY Post, and "Best workout for legs" by Time Out NY Magazine. Godiva was the first person to ever launch Kangoo Dance™ rebound sport shoe group fitness classes in the US and is largely responsible for making the rebound sport shoe category one of the latest fitness trends in the world. He is constantly evolving and creating innovative group fitness programming and cutting edge fitness products.

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