Happy 50th anniversary to my beloved General Hospital! We've had our ups and downs -- mostly downs during those final years of the Frons regime -- but just like AMC, you were one of the first things my sister and I ever agreed on, so I thank you. You also provided me with some perfect and amazing people (Becky Herbst, anyone?) Oh, and not to mention the fact that you broke my heart too many times to count, more than Lumi ever did, and they were around since 1993, so WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME LIASON ONLY TO PULL THEM AWAY TIME AND TIME AGAIN? (I'm good.) Also, I'll never forgive you for Georgie's and Jake's deaths, but the jerkfaces responsible for those, respectively, are GONE, so we're making progress (now just bring them back, Cartini, kthanx.)

Anyway, I originally planned to upload this on April 1 (the day General Hospital first aired, in 1963, and I think I'm the only one who finds this funny,) but I finished earlier and quicker than I thought I would, so I'm instead uploading on March 19. Oh well.

And as for you, the people that choose to watch this, if you would like to hate on Cartini's regime, then good for you, but please don't do it here, thanks.

Thank you to so many people for uploading all of these clips, especially LoriJoGH, AddieCate07, chyyyone, SimplyGH, jsms99 and pxbarrel, who were used several times.

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst, 1998:) "You aren't a man."
Click, Boom 1.0 (or, the fatal event for one Lily Rivera Corinthos, played by Lily Melgar - 1996)
Maxie Jones (Robyn Richards, 1994:) "My new heart used to belong to BJ?"
Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil:) "I am the little sister that ya always wanted, but never had." Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton:) "Did, did we want a little sister?" AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan:) "I wanted a boa constrictor once." (1993) [I just thought this was really funny. =P]
Stone Cates (Michael Sutton, 1995:) "Oh, Robin, I see you!"
Cameron Webber (Braden Walkes, 2011:) "When Jake comes home from Heaven, can he ride the pony?"
Tony Jones (Brad Maule, 2006:) "You never let anyone make you think you're less of a man for being gay."
Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson, 2007:) "Someone beautiful has died."
Helena Cassadine (Elizabeth Taylor, 1981:) "My curse on you, Laura and Luke."

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