Comedy sitcom The Kitchen invites you to enter the fascinating and mysterious world of big restaurant’s kitchen. And to do it with humor! In Kitchen passions are boiled, intrigues are weaved, and all this is seasoned with humor! Juicy images, subtle acting, the quality of filming is so high it seems you may feel the smell of the food being cooked from the screen!

“At all times the food was at people’s side. It tempts, inspires, delights and turns people off. A human cannot live without food, so it means the man who creates food is able to rule the world…” Maxim Lavrov (Mark Bogatyrev) thought so when he went to achieve his dream – to get a job as a cook in one of the most expensive restaurants in Moscow.

The dream has been achieved but actually all fell out not so tasty. The restaurant’s chief cook Victor Barinov (Dmitry Nazarov) is the real star of the gastronomic beau monde who knows how to please the most exacting public. The reverse side of this ideal image is alcohol abuse, addiction to gambling and his intolerable character. Barinov is terrible in a rage and indomitable on a hellbender.

Art director Victoria Goncharova (Elena Podkaminskaya) is the real snow queen, careerist with her heart of stone but it was she with whom Max spent the night before he went to new work. And the whole cook team who wants nothing more but for Max to make a mistake so that they all can have a good laugh at him.

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