At almost every Interaction conference there have met a group of individuals at some sort of lunch break or other off time to discuss interaction design education. This upcoming Interaction 13, we are formalizing this gathering and crafting a full day workshop about the various issues facing interaction education in all relevant contexts.

At the workshop, topic sessions were held on the following topics: curriculum, research, portfolios, apprenticing, continuing education, industry-academia relationship. The outcome of those workshops were captured in design artifacts and a great discussion among workshop attendees were had.

This panel will consist of the workshop co-organizers, Dave Malouf and Haig Armen, as well as the topic session facilitators. They will all present their session topics as well as communicate the next steps this group of people have planned in relation to interaction design education.

After the panelists present, a facilitated conversation for the general conference will take place. It will be a time for criticism, feedback, and alternative suggestions to be considered by the larger group in relation to interaction design education.

We hope we will have an engaged conversation on these very important topics and that a critical mass of conference attendees will come to participate. After the conference a report will be created for the general interaction design community and hopefully the conversation will continue even further and the suggested initiatives that come out of the interaction design education workshop come into being.

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