I wrote this song already around y. 1985. Then I was quite a young man but I felt that my whole life was already totally over. I had in that time a four tracks recorder and it made it possible that I was able to play all instruments and sing all the voice levels myself. I know that quality is not so good, but it doesn´t matter.
This is only a little piece of mixed of universal and my private history. So the song now tries to tell about my own feelings in that time. But the pictures of the slide show tells maybe more about universal thing, about that every human being is on the way to somewhere and getting older in this curious world.
I hope that many people can find out that everyone`s life in the world is really limited, but we might have a clear intuition about some great goodness Who has done all things and Who has the good reasonable answer to all our questions.
See the Bible, too, my friend. God is good and He bless you.

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