The Curious Tautophone “Projected auditory inkblot test” 2013 Adam Donovan
"Curious Tautophone". - The name derives from projective auditory tests developed by Saul Rosenzweig and David Shakow and based on Skinners verbal Summator tests. The original Tautophone can be thought of as an Auditory Rorschach Inkblot and dates back to the 1940’s.
The Greek prefix tauto, meaning “repeating the same,”
In this work the viewer is presented with a scientific looking object that serves as a projection device to repeat a verbal statement or incoherent sounds. For example an Incoherent voice can be heard repeating vowel sounds such as “uh-Oh-Ah-uh” or “uh-uh-I-E-uh. (Skinner, 1979, p. 175). The robot becomes a type of device for the purposes of “snaring out complexes” a role usually served by a physician in the analysis of latent memory.
The verbal summator is no longer used for such experiments and the validity of such tests should be thought of as novel and exploratory. However, I want to give the robot a chance to explore personalities and complexes and perhaps it will trigger some interesting latent responses.

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