..it's a fool's economy or a false economy or fool's paradise or whatever you want to call it...I think we need to be...more cost effective and I don't think...at the moment we really are...what we have got is, as I said, is...a well-trained, educated, kind of workforce...so that's in our favour, but, again time will tell whether that's enough...I don't see it attracting everybody...I think they'll always come in for the tax break and that's probably the main reason they're here for now...so I'm really not sure where this is going to be in 10-15 years time...you could have a lot of well-educated people walking done to the dole office (unemployment office) and you know...but like, I don't really know where it's going...you know...
(Clean-room Supervisor, Canteen, Hewlett-Packard Ireland, 28 November 2003)


A project by Mark Curran

is presented as part of the main programme of FORMAT 2013

Curated by Louise Clements (Artistic Director QUAD Derby & FORMAT)

The theme of this edition is FACTORY: Mass Production in the city which founded the world's first ever factory. The complete programme includes exhibitions by Brian Griffin, Polly Braden, Archive of Modern Conflict, Edward Burtynsky, Erik Kessels, Ien Teh, Simon Roberts, Alinka Echeverria, Martin Cregg, Darek Fortas, Rob Ball and Ken Grant amongst others.

Chocolate Factory
John Street via Siddels Road
Derby DE1 2LX
Opening: Thursday, March 7th, 6 PM and continues until April 7th, 2013

With a title inspired by a widely utilised flexible economic management model responsive to the needs and demands of the global market which is intended to be implemented not only at the level of the factory floor but to extend to the nation state itself, The Breathing Factory critically addresses the role and representation of labour and global labour practices in Ireland's newly industrialised landscape as manifest in manufacturing and technology. In 2005, the Republic of Ireland was defined as the 'most globalised economy in the world' with full employment. In 2013, unemployment is close to 15% and 28% for those under-25.
Global industrial practices are characterised by fleeting alliances; transient spaces as capital moves when and as required. In such an ephemeral and global context, the project focuses specifically upon the Hewlett-Packard Manufacturing and Technology Campus, part of a cluster formation of multinational technology complexes, in Leixlip in the east of Ireland. Following nine months of negotiation regarding access and completed over a 20 month period, the work is the result of a practice-led doctoral research project incorporating ethnographic practices in its undertaking. The installation includes photographs, text-based work, digital video projection, artefactual and sound archival material in its full presentation.

The Breathing Factory (2006) published by Edition Braus, Heidelberg with the support of Belfast Exposed Photography, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Gallery of Photography, Dublin.

The installation has been generously supported by CULTURE IRELAND

Further information can be found here:

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