Intermedia Chef (Jaewan Choi, Dongjo Kim, Won Cheol Lee and Jinhyung Park)
New media artist group, Intermedia Chef is trying to explore dynamic artwork generated by computer-controlled sound in the aspect of data visualization. The sound installation artwork transits sound wave into physical movement. Overmore, they are aiming that the sound wave energy turns out a kinetic type of visual art.

-Supervisor; Unzi Kim (DATA+ Lab. GASIM, Chung-Ang University,
-Creative Team : Jaewan Choi (Creative Direction / Artist) , Dongjo KIm (Planning Support ; Software and Hardware / Artist ), Won Cheol Lee (Technical Development), Jinhyung Park (Graphic and Production Design)
-Creative Development

; Hye Won Chie
-Document Video Filming and Photo Shooting

; Eun Soo Choi
-Technical Support; Hyeon Jeong Na
-Proof Reading; Walpa D'mark

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