True Story based on the life of Michael Fernandez

Created by Ray

St. John's University Campusmoviefest Best Editing
St. John's University Campusmoviefest Best Soundtrack
St. John's University Campusmoviefest Overall Best Drama

Description: This is a true story based on Michael Fernandez’s life. When Michael use to live at his cousin’s apartment, during the winter he would turn on the stove for heat. The apartment barely had an insulation so he would really have to layer up with his sweaters and sweats during the night. Even his own cousin did not sleep at his place during the winter because it was extremely cold. He slept at his girlfriend’s place. One night, Michael forgot to open the window before laying to sleep and the carbon monoxide gas started to build up as he slumbered. Luckily, his cousin and his girlfriend happened to stop by the apartment. They opened the door and the gas had finally released. They woke up Michael to make sure he was okay and brought him to the window and as soon as he had full lungs of fresh air, all the toxins exited his body via throw up. Michael’s life situation at the moment was not going well so at first they looked at him funny, thinking that he might of tried to kill himself. It was an honest mistake and someone up above made it clear that it was not Michael’s time to go up yet.

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