Georgia attorney Russell Keener on Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence...

As our population continues to age providing them with good quality care becomes an ever increasing responsibility. Protecting the aging and most vulnerable members of our population is the responsibility taken on by nursing homes throughout the state of Georgia.

Many Georgia nursing homes do a fabulous job providing care for our ever ageing population, unfortunately, there are many as well that do not.

Nursing home accidents are not always accidents.

There are no accidental bedsores.

There are no accidental preventable medication errors.

There are no accidental assaults by nursing home employees.

There are no accidental deaths from dehydration.

These are all preventable situations that happen to Georgia nursing home patients every year.

Families need to know that their elderly loved ones are safe and well cared for. When an elderly Georgia nursing home patient is injured through neglect or abuse, you will benefit from legal help to recover compensation for injuries, costs and most importantly the dignity that our elderly loved ones deserve.

If you suspect your loved one has been the victim of an injury or abuse from a nursing home, contact the Keener Law Firm today. We are dedicated to providing high quality legal representation to injured nursing home patients throughout the state of Georgia. We are here to help and represent the most vulnerable members of our society and to make sure you get the result you deserve.

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