Solo performances dealing with over exposure to information, written and choreographed by Alan Lucien Øyen

"Excerpts of citation without context" was Øyen's debut as choreographer in 2004 in the form of a personal and eccentric text/dance solo, which he created for himself. His delivery of the spoken word in a high speed stream of consciousness is accompanied by a myriad of flickering video images in a piece which sets out to deal with our over-exposure to information and the problems of accessibility.

We are actually assimilating or adapting more and more : we are so absorbed by what is communicated to us that we begin to feed back the same stream of information. The result is like feedback itself - when the source is too close to the receiver feedback ensues, distorting the transmission and the actual information. 


Text, Video, Choreography: 
Alan Lucien Øyen
Performed by: Daniel proietto 
& Alan Lucien Øyen
Sound Design: Christian Blom
Light Design: Torkel Skjærven
Stills Photography: Yaniv Cohen

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