This time the proposal was to generate the Look & Feel & Graphic Toolkit for the launching of Rescue Bots in Discovery Kids!.
The protagonists of these cartoons are tinny colourful transformer robots for kids. Our proposal was based on robot transformations which finally form the face of the Rescue Bots Symbol. Mechanisms and metal doors works as transitions and finish off the graphic toolkit for this channel promotion. Klaaank!...Kloonk! Ready to transform!

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Produced for Discovery Kids / Client: Discovery Kids

Idea & Concept: HippieHouse Studio
Art % Creative Direction: Ignacio Sandoval
Production: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo

Concept sketches: Martiniano Garcia Cornejo
Opening Design & Animation: Ignacio Sandoval
2d Design & bgs: Augusto Gabrys
3d Extra design: Martiniano Garcia Cornejo
Animators: Ignacio Sandoval, Martiniano Garcia Cornejo, Augusto Gabrys

Edition & Post: Ignacio Sandoval

At Discovery Kids

Art Direction: Alberto Garcia


All rights reserved © HIppieHouse 2006-2013

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