(Ariana/U.S./Colombia -- Diana/Colombia) -- Brooklyn, NY: Ariana and Diana met over a decade ago through the Latina lesbian community while living in San Francisco. At the time, Diana was simply looking for sanctuary after enduring tremendous violence, both anti-gay and otherwise, in her home country. Now married and the mothers of 2-year-old Gabriela, they dread the thought of their family being torn apart because of the Defense of Marriage Act.

*This video is part of the collaborative series, 'Love Stories: Binational Couples on the Front Lines Against DOMA,' produced by Lavi Soloway and Brynn Gelbard for The DOMA Project and The DeVote Campaign.

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Produced by: Lavi Soloway & Brynn Gelbard
Directed by: Brynn Gelbard
Cinematography by: Hanh Nguyen
Edited by: Steven Farr
Music: Kevin MacLeod (incomptech.com)

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