You'll want to watch this full screen, in HD, and with the volume up.
Created in my Spring 2013 U-Arts "Object Animation" Class, this is the raw 35MM cameraless animation, or scratch film footage, transferred from film to a digital file on a Spirit at Technicolor Postworks in NYC. I gave my students clear & black leader, various print & neg found footage, and some old Hi-Con film matte rolls, as well as bag loads of art supplies, to draw, scratch, and otherwise alter & abuse the film stock. I then demonstrated a number of techniques involving bleaching, stenciling, abrasives, rubbings, & burning, for them to experiment with in this abstract approach to filmmaking.
Keep your eyes open for brief appearances in the found footage by Pee Wee Herman & Lawrence Fishburne.
The music used is "Like a Hurricane" performed by Neil Young & Crazy Horse followed by "Kingdom of Nye" by The Woggles.
***Re-upped as of 3/2/2014 at full 1080p HD resolution
Go to to see the final film edited from this footage "Spacid Filmutations"

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