On March 10, 2013, NYC Animal Activists held a protest against Bideawee on 410 East 38th Street, New York, NY 10016, for employing an animal abuser there named Gary for years.

This Video is a clip from when another Staffer "discovered" our Protest (we weren't hiding...) and ran inside. The NYPD arrived shortly thereafter.

Apparently, Bideawee doesn't know that it is our Right to Protest. Just because they were bothered, does NOT mean it was against the law. But, Bideawee, animal abuse IS a crime, and doing nothing about having an emotionally disturbed animal abuser EMPLOYED by you compounds that.

When one volunteer brought this to the attention of the staff, she was RETALIATED upon by forcing her to quit volunteering.

Staff has received many complaints about Gary, but he is protected by their HR person, Marcia Hennessey, who views her staff as her "babies" (her words).

Gary is an emotionally disturbed person who should NOT have ANY access to animals, yet he works at an ANIMAL SHELTER.

This is another case of the fox guarding the hen house.

For more information, PLEASE visit:

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