Globalization and the proximity of Mexico with the USA, have force the adoption of musical genres unconnected to Latin American roots and ideology. The way those latin roots refuse to die amongst the host of imported sounds, many times even merging with them, is a phenomenon that attracts attention.
In the last few years, the genre known as Cumbia has become some kind of oasis for the latin identity in Mexico City.
The goal of this documentary is to explore the musical roots and identity of the residents of one of the most populated cities of the world, with special focus on the youth's interest to incorporate Cumbia to other musical genres.
Aside of his experience in filmmaking with several short features, the director of this documentary, Raúl Olivares, has an extensive career in filmmaking with mobile devices. He was finalist on the first edition of the Micro Movie Award in Interfilm , Berlin. He also was jury on the first Latin American festival for mobile devices, the Mobility Fest.

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