Time for a little update of the showreel!
I've added a logo I got asked to get moving. As it was for a cosmetic clinic and they had a really elegant logo, I went for a falling leaf regeneration theme. Done some more stuff, but I can't show, but hey ho.
As for the rest of the reel, it's from 13 years of work at Ragdoll Productions Ltd. "The Adventures of Abney and Teal" being the most recent for CBeebies. My role was to develop the technique, the rigs and nurture a 20 strong team of animators, riggers, generalists through 52 episodes. Once in full production I was also handed initial animatics to direct through layout to finished animation.
Other work includes animating on Spike Milligan’s fairy tale "Badjelly the Witch", sadly his last ever recorded TV. What a genius!
I also spent a couple of years on "Boohbah" for CiTV as sole in-house 3D guy and liaising with an external animation team directed by Pat Gavin, who made several memorable titles sequences for the "The South Bank Show" to name a few.
Then on to "Blips" and "Tronji". "Blips" was a small production where I got some fresh air out on set working as a VFX supervisor, before turning indoors to co-ordinate and animated as part of a small happy team.
"Blips" was a short production compared the next show I worked on called "Tronji" for CBBC. The production was vast, lots of animation produced in India and filming all around the world. It went through many faces until it arrived on CBBC. I ended up supervising the in-house UK animation which became the final generics to this epic.

Enjoy the reel.

All broadcast shows are copyright of Ragdoll Worldwide Ltd and the music is from “Singin’ in the Rain” sung by Gene Kelly & Mint Royale “Singin’ in the Rain” (remix)

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