Barak Marshall´s creation for BODYTRAFFIC 2012

"And at midnight, the green bride floated though the village square…" (Part 1)
Choreography: Barak Marshall
Guest Artist: Margalit Oved
Music: Barak Marshall—Collage: Abaca String Band, Anatol Stefanet, the Barry Sisters, Boom Pam, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Margalit Oved, Oy Division, Sinfonye, Yasmin Levy, Zoltan and His Gypsy Ensemble
Sound Design: Giori Politi and Barak Marshall
Costume Design: Raquel Baretto
Set Design: Barak Marshall
Text: Margalit Oved, Barak Marshall, traditional sayings and songs Yiddish, Ladino and Judeo-Arabic.

Choreographer’s note: "And at midnight..." is the first part of what will eventually become a full-length evening work. It is inspired in part by the true story of a family of eight sisters and one brother who were neighbors of my mother’s family in Aden, Yemen. The house they lived in became known as “The Burning House” because of the fighting, screaming and cursing that was heard from it at all hours of the day and night. The story, “The Burning House,” is a morality tale about nine children doomed to a life filled with rage, unhappiness and loneliness. Other source material included the paintings of Marc Chagall and Lorca’s “Blood Wedding.” The soundtrack of the piece is comprised primarily of Jewish love songs and hymns from the Yiddish, Ladino and Yemenite (Judeo-Arabic) traditions. --Barak Marshall

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