This film is based on the age-old concept of Vanitas painting. The word "Vanitas" in Latin translates to "vanity" in English. Vanitas paintings are meant to showcase the meaningless of Earthly matters and the transience of daily concerns, in contrast with the concerns of religion, life, and death. Vanitas paintings traditionally depict symbols such as flowers, fruits, jewels, trinkets, books, skulls, and bones.
I was drawn to this concept and how it could apply to my own artwork and personal concerns. I am attracted to all things shiny, bold, and visually exciting: color, glitter, rhinestones, jewelry, makeup, bold clothing, bright textile designs, interesting accessories. This comes into play with my everyday clothing choices, but these interests and concerns are most evident in my art. I designed this short art film in the same likeness as a Vanitas painting. I am exploring the power and meaning of my artist energy and creation in the grand scheme of things.

I created this film with my Nikon D5100 and a MacBook webcam. It also includes still shots that are closeups of my artwork. I wrote the music with my dad, Chuck Schlacter.

I also took a series of coordinating photographs when I shot the film. View them on my blog here:

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