Video and audio selections from a live performance entitled Unto Others that took place on the evening of March 14, 2013 at Space 2 @ The Sound Table (Atlanta, GA). Part of a one-night performance art exhibition, The Body Within, featuring six artists.

Unto Others is a performance that deals with the way the body enacts, reenacts, manifests and purges emotionally painful experiences. The initial catalyst to create this work was a story passed down to me by my mother that was told to her by her grandmother—my great-grandmother—Rosalee. Rosalee was the daughter of a wealthy sawmill proprietor in South Carolina. After Rosalee’s mother died giving birth to one of her younger siblings, her father took a second wife—Emma. For reasons unknown (although many assumptions and presumptions have been made), Emma took a pair of scissors to Rosalee’s fine dresses and gowns, cutting them all to shreds.

By performing Unto Others, I explore and occupy the intense emotional space that was created when this act of aggression occurred between these two women. The perpetrator and the victim within this narrative serve as stand-ins for the dark emotional states (fear, sadness, rage) present within all of us. By embodying and empathizing with both women, I construct a new experience of this narrative that serves as a cathartic release for the viewer and myself.

Special thanks to
Patrick Di Rito (videographer)
Olive Lynch
Jason Cochrane

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