Bandana Split is back with an all new original song produced by Upward. If you like it, tell a friend, tell 2 friends, tell all your friends!!! Thanks for listening & Enjoy!
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Lamborghini dreamin
Prolly Ponzi schemin
Hear my voice all in the background of your life like morgan freeman

Got my keyboard on my lap
Got some people on my back
Who expecting me to go and put my city on the map

Well ha
Alright then
Guess I better go find me a hype man
Guess I better go get a nicer mic cuz everything im writing just been
Too good too good
Girl i know that you'd agree
Even though you tryna act like you aint ever heard of me

Cuz I, been independent
But my, image ascending
And im, feeling tremendous
Now cuz every track im sending in to youtube

Get two times the views that they used to
From out of my mouth into your ear like blue tooth

Its B-A, got some people listening in india
Hit me up, answering they questions like its trivia

But I dont front
Really I dont know much
But I show love
Everybody go nuts

For the man
Baby im just what i am
Tryna spit a little fire im providin for my camp

That top floor, top floor
I know you want some more
Honestly i'm tired of flying baby im tryna soar

To that top spot
Turn up top notch
Hotter than the block, this music is all i got

I'ma love this
I'ma never life on a budget
I'ma push the limit and budge it
Tryna finda sound that they lovin

And i'll, i'll hope its me
Tryna find the recipe
For the perfect melody
Tell the beat, rest in peace

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