Filmmaker at Large's first music video, Shut It Down was produced for Clixx's debut single and produced for the NXG Group.

Our intention was to design a video that exemplified the guerilla, underground talents of all the artists involved, in-front and behind the camera. Clixx's ability to fit a wide range of styles alongside his modest roots were all captured through a variety of scenarios and locations, centered predominantly in East London.

The video was created on a low budget of £3000, used mainly for equipment rental, greenscreen studio hire and outfit purchases.
Production comprised of a 3 day shoot, and because of budget restrictions, a paced out post production process of roughly 3 months. The images were captured with a Canon 5D MkII supported by a 7D and all of the VFX were created on a single Quad Core PC. The software packages utilized were Avid, Cinema 4D, After Effects and Boujou for motion tracking. The video was graded primarily with Magic Bullet.

Directed by Filmmaker at Large
Alex Frois & Adam El-Sharawy

Ben Kingsley

Sarah-Jane Martins

Date 2012

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