Meeting time: 3:02 PM - 3:43 PM

Members present: Jon Baliles, Chair [1st District], Committee member Michelle Mosby [9th District], Alternate Committee member Ellen Robertson [6th District].

Agenda amendments.

[0:30] Item 1, Ord. 2012-4 (Patrons: Tyler & Graziano) regarding capping the amount for the "1% for the Arts" program at $250,000 for each qualifying project was continued to the April Land Use Committee meeting.

[1:08] Item 3, Ord. 2013-41 (Patron: Hilbert) to amend the City Code "concerning the Urban Forestry Commission, for the purpose of amending the responsibilities and duties of the Commission to include a requirement that the Commission provide advice and recommendations to the City Planning Commission on matters related to trees affected or that may potentially be affected by the construction of any street, square, park or other public way, ground, open space, public building or structure" was continued to the next Land Use Committee meeting.

[1:22] Item 6, Ord. 2012-233 (Patrons: Mr. Tyler and Mr. Baliles), "To erect all-way stop signs at the intersection of North Sheppard Street and Stuart Avenue" was withdrawn.

There were no public comments [1:50].

[2:13] Item 2, Ord. No. 2013-22 (Patron: Ellen Robertson), To amend City Code § 42-41, concerning the disposition of funds from the sale of real estate and certain insurance proceeds, and to add therein a new section 42-44, concerning the disposition of revenues arising from the lease or other use of former school properties, for the purpose of providing that revenues from the sale, lease or other use of former school properties be set aside for the construction of new public school facilities or for the operations of the School Board of the City of Richmond.

Council Vice President Robertson offered an explanation of the paper, which arose out of the recent lease agreement for Westhampton School which will be leased by Bon Secours Hospital for 60 years as part of their $6 million agreement for naming rights and operation of a facility at the Redskins training field.

[6:30] There were no comments from the Public, nor Council discussion. It was forward to the Council with recommendation for approval from the Committee. At a previous Committee meeting, Kathy Graziano was critical of the use of lease revenues for operational funds for Richmond Public Schools.

[7:18] Item 4, Ord. No. 2013-47 (Patron: Charles Samuels) - To amend and reordain City Code § 114-402.2, concerning permitted accessory uses and structures in the R-1 Single-Family Residential District, for the purpose of including the raising or keeping of no more than four female chickens as a permitted accessory use.

This paper took up most of the committee's time being discussed. [7:56] There were three individuals who spoke during the public comment portion in support -- Valerie West [8:05], Lee Crowell [11:28], and Silver Persinger [14:16].

Council discussion [15:22] for about 13 minutes. After which time, the committee voted, 3-0, to move the paper forward to Council with the Committee's recommendation for approval.

[28:21] Item 5, Res. No. 2013-R75 (Patron: Parker Agelasto) To declare a public necessity to amend the zoning ordinance and to initiate an amendment to the City’s zoning ordinance to make such changes as may be necessary to rezone particular properties currently zoned in the B-3 General Business District; and to request that the Chief Administrative Officer cause to be conducted a study of all real properties in the B-3 General Business District to determine if the zoning classification for such properties is consistent with objectives to revitalize the commercial corridors and to limit the disruption of commercial frontage in the district.

[31:11] Mary Jane Hogue from Historic Richmond Foundation spoke in support during the public comment period.

[31:59] With no further committee discussion the paper was advance to the Councils with a recommendation for approval by the committee, 3-0.

[32:26] Lynne Lancaster, Operations Manager, Dept. of Public Works, gave a presentation on the Clean Sweep Program in the City's three Residential Parking Districts, Zones 1 & 2 in the Fan, and Carver. The program began Oct. 15, 2012 and the contract was awarded to Community Business Group; Julius Richardson, CEO, and Demetria Jennings, Director of Operations, were present at the meeting.

[36:45] Minutes were approved, 3-0.

[37:18] Board vacancies were discussed.

Meeting Agenda,

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