This Episode 2 of Denim Mythbusters, started with a simple question: Did Japan's denim companies snatch up the United State's shuttle looms to build superior selvedge?

For answers, we looked to Rising Sun's Mike Hodis, an OG denim genius who built Lucky Brand into a juggernaut before striking out on his own selvedge path. Hodis weighed in on the topic (which Kiya Babzani & Andrew Chen touched on in Episode 1), and those opinions seemed to check out.

But then, outta nowhere, we got a surprise visit on-set from Phil Goetz, a Cone Mills rep and general jeans genius in his own right, who threw a wrench into the works loom.

So what do you think? Did Japan's denim heads grab the United State's shuttle looms? Hit us with some links and put this debate to rest!

Be sure to check out Rising Sun's beautiful selvedge right here.

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