Office for Architectural Culture, London-based practice, completed the master plan and architectural concept design of the prestigious International Oceanic Fishing Cultural & Tourist Resort Development and Museums project in Tanmen, China.

The fishing village, called Tanmen, is renowned for the historic navigation manual developed and maintained by the village’s fishermen since the 14th century. The fishermen from this South China Sea village and the port of Tanmen, have travelled the South China Sea, the Southeast Asian regions as far as the Indian Ocean since the late medieval ages.

Charles Phu, Design Director of Office for Architectural Culture (OAC), said: ‘this is one of the largest architectural and master plan projects in Asia focused around an important fishing village with a rich heritage. Our aim is to create ‘’a living museum’’ integrating the old and the new, visitors, local fishermen and fishing villagers, the Chinese and localised Western cultures. It brings together the sites history and heritage paving the way for a rich and prolonged future.’

Roger Whiteman, the Managing Director of the project, explained: ‘Preservation and re-vitalisation of the existing historic village buildings on the site is an important cultural statement for this project. These historic buildings are good examples of architectural cultures coming together, of Chinese, Asian and European styles successfully uniting in harmony under the night skies.’

The project includes four museums:
- Fishermen’s Culture Museum
- Old Fishing Vessel Museum
- Fishing Cultural Research Centre / Sea Ceramic Museum
- Oceanic Fishing Cultural Museum / International Oceanic Fishing Culture Exchange & Conference Centre

OAC's project design team is led by Design Director/founder Charles Phu, and managed by architect Roger Whiteman. The key design team members include the project senior designer Oliver Hempel (Associate Director of OAC), and Giedre M Kristaponyte, Paul Browning, Amelia Payton, Ariadna Roca, Carlos Agelet De Saracibar, and Jack Watson.

Office for Architectural Culture engaged London-based museum consultant Real Studios for the project's interactive cultural museums strategies and conceptual programming. The engineering consultants Ramboll (London) also has been engaged to assist in setting out sustainable and structural strategies.

Charles Phu, Roger Whiteman and Oliver Hempel were the core members of the project design team for the Okhta Centre project (Gazprom Tower) in St Petersburg, Russia.

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