Valtari music video by Zana Wright and Nora Niasari (Zanora Collective)

This was our entry to The 2012 Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. The video was filmed in two locations; Byron Bay, Australia and a Traditional Iranian Gym (Zurkhaneh/House of Strength) in Iran.

Video Description:
A wave rolls over you. It pushes and pulls you towards the shore. You resist its force and yet demand for more. Inside the house of strength, you learn about the motions of the sea. Your energy flows relentlessly. Your beauty is supreme. You spiral through the winds that roar. Through delicate and infinite motions, you float above the world. You look down and watch it crash and burn. The sea takes over once again. Its rhythm carries a broken soul. You were the reason it lost control.

Copyright Nora Niasari & Zana Wright 2012

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