EL VUELO, España, 2011

CON Miguel Ángel Feria y Raquel Portela
DIRECCION Marine de Contes, Ana Ugarte
IMAGEN Marine de Contes, Ana Ugarte
SONIDO Alberto Pacheco, Marine de Contes, Ana Ugarte
MONTAJE Marine de Contes, Ana Ugarte

Sinopsis (español)
La vida empieza a las 7 a.m. y se repite constante hasta la hora de la cena.
Mientras tanto, permite paseos por sus cuerdas y agujeros para cobijarse.

Synopsis (français)
La vie commence à 7h du matin et se répète invariablement jusqu'à l'heure du dîner. Entretemps, on peut se promener entre ses cordes et ses brèches, fragiles abris.

Synopsis (English)
Life starts at 7 am and it is repeated continuously until dinner time. Meanwhile, it allows walks among its ropes and its holes to take shelter.

A day like any other. A building like any other.
Walls shelther the inhabitants.
They build their nests.
They conquer them in exchange for time.
Repeated gestures are their best weapon to turn small things into past.
The day goes. Birds come back.
“Taking Flight” consisted in watching the time go by.
And finding that point in which, by repeating themselves, days turn into
“Taking Flight” consisted in watching a house. And finding that moment
in which it becomes territory.
As we watched a gap inside a building, swifts, without stopping their
flight, looked for a hole to nest.
“Taking Flight” seeks to imagine the memories that buildings, concrete,
bricks will once have. The laid out sheets wait patiently.
And the walls listen with ancient wisdom.

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