Bukit Lawang
North Sumatra, Indonesia

The film is based in Bukit Lawang where devastating floods caused over 239 deaths in 2003. The flooding was attributed to illegal logging in the surrounding Gunung Leuser National Park. Since the floods this community has been involved in voluntary forest governance and enforcement schemes in an attempt to curb the ongoing problems of illegal logging in the National Park. Also through the assistance of a local NGO, YLL, the community has started to recognise the important role of ecotourism in the preservation of their surrounding forests.

Affiliated Non-governmental Organisation:

Medan based NGO, Yayasan Leuser Lestari (YLL), has worked to raise the profile of ecotourism in Bukit Lawang. Their work has also involved the tracking of court cases into the cause of the flooding. They regularly conduct investigations into illegal logging in order to campaign against forest destruction and land conversion.

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