Finally meshed / splashed my Naiad sim from a previous post. There is a chance that what I was attempting will only resonate with surfers.
This setup was something I've been keen to try ever since I first started learning about fluid simulators. I think it stems from spending hours sitting in car parks wishing the wind direction would change, the tide was different, or that there was more swell.
Anyways, I learned a few things but raised many more questions. The sim area was 180 x 2m, the main sim had 75mill partis and the foam pass approx 15mil.
Still not nearly enough res. The area of interest needed at least 4 times the detail. The volume where the action happens in is only 10-20% of the entire sim, so I wonder if there is a way to keep the coarse shape but locally upres just the breaking area? Perhaps the "guiding body" method might have worked or masked HD node might be a solution. is an example of what I was aiming for.

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