In late 2012 I spent three weeks travelling Vietnam. Near the end of the trip I stayed three nights in Halong Bay (or 'Descending Dragon'), and when not shooting stills I took some fairly rough hand-held footage aboard the junk, kayaking through caverns and walking through caves.

This clip is the end result. A little wobbly at times and a little more noise in places than I would have liked, but having not planned to shoot any moving footage or to do anything with it, it turned out ok. It was never meant as a serious project, just a bit of fun.

Halong Bay is very scenic, huge limestone towers rising out of the ocean, but unfortunately due to the large number of (mostly) tourist craft, there is also substantial pollution in the water and washing up on some of the beaches. We were advised not to swim near the floating villages (their waste it seems dumps straight into the water), and after meals you could sit out on deck and see scraps of food - lettuce leaves, crab and prawn shells float by, as well as soapy water being dumped straight into the bay. Early one morning I counted at least 30 craft in the area, and that was not during the height of peak season when there can be many, many more.
Original music by 'Orange and Silver' -

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