A documentary video of the first Creatus Abstractus: I AM GOD, a public-participatory performance hosted in the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK - BVO) in The Netherlands. Participants were invited to co-create and communicate their ideas of abstract art through the process of creation, in a search for a collective conciousness of supreme aesthetics. The entire performance lasted three hours and covered several sheets of paper, measuring up to a total of 22,7 x 1,5 metres!
This concept of collective aesthetic concious through (co-)creation, strongly inspired by De Stijl (Mondriaan) and Suprematism, was manifested in the title 'I AM GOD'. To be godlike in the practise of creation means total freedom of what is created and what is appreciated through the (collective) concious as aesthetical or beautiful. Inspired by Ted Nelson's idea of creativity as a religion, this creates a neverending cycle of creation - reaction wherein sender (creator) and receiver (viewer) react upon each other. The creator creates, the viewer experiences and forms an opinion on the created and from there he decides what to create next himself, making the initiate creator into a viewer again and restarting the cycle.
Oddly enough there grew a subconsious experience of what is aesthetically appealing; some parts of the drawing remained untouched after having their first creation put on, other parts have layers of work from as much as five different creators. As if people subconciously determined what should stay and what should be removed from the painting.

Also, check out Jan van Egmond BK @ Facebook for more information

Audio: Mistabishi - Druggers End Lane (I own no rights whatsoever, for more info on this amazing producer: Mistabishi @ soundcloud / facebook)

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