The second ever Mislaid Marmalade at Mediterranea, Stirling...

Disclaimers (aka things I have to apologise for)
1. I missed the start/some of Will's set cause I was in the bathroom. SORRY.
2. CALUM I SPELT YOUR NAME WRONG CAUSE I'M SO SUPER DUPER LAME AND I SUCK AND I'M SORRY but I'm not gonna re-render it cause it took three hours. (I regret nothing!)
3. There was 'technical issues' with the camera during Lucy's set (sorry sorry) so that's why there's some alternate footage jamming about in there.
4. The video quality isn't the best cause I'm cheap and only have a basic Vimeo account so therefore can only upload 500MB worth of footage per week. If anyone is gagging for an higher def copy let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Featuring... (click on the timings if you want to skip to a particular person)
00:00:11 - Will Bell
00:08:18 - Finlay Etienne Sim
00:27:23 - Neil Stewart (aka End of Neil)
00:43:15 - Lucy Hume (with Calum Gilligan)
00:58:55 - Calum Gilligan (with Lucy Hume & Jason Riddell)
01:13:04 - Jason Riddell (with a box drum playing man whose name I do not know)
01:31:24 - Nicola Coburn & the Impure Thoughts

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