2013, 15 min, stereo, HD

Language: Danish
Subtitles: English

In their artistic practice Nils Agdler and Timo Menke both share a common interest for contemporary social phenomena, storytelling and history. Based on a previous collaboration on electricity and electrical hypersensitivity (Fugitives from the Fields), they have developed a project dealing with anonymous sperm donors. A donation is often regarded as a selfless good deed and is expected to be voluntary, free and anonymous, although it may raise sensitive ethical questions. The short film “Made in Denmark” is a cinematic study focusing on the commercially organized distribution of sperm in Denmark, from the anonymous donor's perspective and point-of-view. Danish legislation (unlike most European countries) allows for anonymous sperm donations, leading to an increasing fertility tourism. Sperm Banks operate in a complex gray area on several levels, marketing human sperm as a processed product. Special focus was given to issues related to masculinity and fatherhood, and how masculinity is manifested at the clinics.
Some of the questions raised in interviews conducted with anonymous donors: What motivates you to become a donor? How do you relate to the children you will never meet? How would you react if one of "your" children would succeed in finding out that you are his/her biological father? How do you reflect on a future scenario, where more men choose to donate and more women select anonymous fathers to their children?
In conjunction with an exhibition of the work they propose possible seminars / lectures on related issues, e.g. sperm donation as a business concept. As engineered genetic genome becomes available easier, cheaper and safer, what kind of future scenarios are there for man and mankind in a post-human evolution?

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