Damien Colletti and Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Park in As the World Turns.

Storyline: Carly leaves Oakdale and goes to Philadelphia Pennsylvania in search of Jack. Meanwhile, Jack and Irv are high on a building's ledge at City Hall contemplating jumping. With the help of Sgt. McGill and Officer Daniel Devito from the Philadelphia Police force in search of them, will they survive? Or, become another suicide statistic? What about Jack, does he really want to end his own life? Or try and become a hero after still having remorse over his brother's death? Rosanna and Craig hear that Carly has gone after Jack and decide to do the same both going to Philadelphia in hopes of catching Carly before she reaches Jack. Carly later has the opportunity to seek revenge against Rosanna and Craig with Sgt. McGill's help. But, will she?

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