This is my first year participating in Dance Anywhere. I naively thought I would be in and out of this beautiful location in half an hour tops. Two things I didn't anticipate:

1. It's not easy dancing in public by yourself.
2. Public stairwell.

The upside is that if you're going to spend over 2 1/2 hours in front of any public space, you're going to meet a colorful array of characters. I met tourists from Indonesia,China, France, Janelle Monae fans, a Lady Gaga lookalike, a storyteller with a guitar, not to mention became an unofficial staff photographer. All in all a great experience, although it will be nice to get a real deal crew together next year, so I can focus on being in the moment more, rather than the stop/start nature of being an army of one. I hope you all had fun this year and perhaps our paths will cross in the next event.

This piece is dedicated to the people in my life who love dance in a way that lifts the spirits and opens the heart.

Soundtrack: "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae

Peace and Love,

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