This was done for a 45hr SLAM we did for school.

The theme of Futurists extended itself into the first 45hr SLAM brief, where Digital Design’s Head of Department Miles Nurse laid out a comprehensive guide for all the current students participating in the SLAM “to produce a conceptual prototype that showcases the vision, user experience, features and brand for a product you have designed.”

The future of wearable technology as a Future tool/aid/device is to be explored in one of the following four categories:

Medical Monitoring
Dating / Socializing
Sports / Athletics
The goal is “to inspire and educate a potential investor or internal business stakeholder. The presentation would be the key product component of a pitch they would use to get funding.”

The Deliverables:

An Identity for the product
A 30 sec motion piece that showcases the vision, ux, features and brand for the desiged product (this can include ideas around information design, HUD’s or accessing menus / features)
A mock up of a single scrollable web landing page to generate excitement and interest for the product.
A PechaKucha style presentation using 15 slides /15 secs a piece, to total absolutely no more than 3:45

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