Some thought of him as a healer. Others as an amazing teacher. Friend of sinners, Rabbi, Immanuel, Master, Lord, Prince of Peace, and Savior.

There were those who were scared of him because of the power that he had. The religious people of the day despised him because he appeared to breaking all of their traditions and man made rules.

And yet to those who really knew Jesus…he was love.
The sick ran towards him. The blind saw because of him. The broken, oppressed, and lost found a home in him.
There has never been anyone like him.

In these next 6 weeks, we will take a deep look at who Jesus was, who He is, and who He promises to continue to be. We have much to learn from the son of God, Jesus the Christ. May the life and person of Jesus breathe life into our lives these next few weeks together!

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