Extended conversation about immigration was spurred by presentations entitled:
- "Is It Necessary to Rethink Sovereignty in Questions Concerning Immigration?"; by Patrick Brennan, holder of the John F. Scarpa Chair in Catholic Legal Studies at Villanova University
- "Central-American Transmigration in Mexico: Violation of Human Rights in Mexican Territory and its Implications for the USA and Proposals for Public Policy in Mexico and the USA" by Bernardo Méndez Lugo, Mexican Diplomat
- "The Contemporary Conundrum: Is It Possible for the U.S. to Aspire to Be Both a 'Nation of Laws' and a 'Nation of Immigrants'?" by Mr. Dan Lungren, DSPT Fellow and former US Congressman
- "The New Anti-Immigrant Context and the Migratory Status of Mexican Stylists in Arizona" by Erika Montoya Zavala from the Department of International Studies and Public Policy at the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa (UAS)

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