Live performance from August 20, as part of the "Valand Music Mashup" which was the end-of-summer concert for the "Experimental Pop" course. I played with 7 other acts.

Fairly boring video, but the soundtrack is composed of sound card and soundboard mixes, with a bit of live sound thrown in.

The track is constructed from live loops taken from a manipulated 78rpm record player and an analog keyboard. There are two loops in addition that are played digitally, also from old Swedish 78rpm records. The keyboard's sound is digitally treated through a sound card.

The track could be about nightmares and panic attacks, as well as the structure of depressive thoughts. The title and vintage content refer to the specter of something unattainable, very far away.

The full audio files in FLAC or MP3 can be d/led from

(Jonathan Sjöstrand is the DJ here, you can see him at the start :)

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